Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Foods That Trip up Dieters

Roslyn Gordon has taught hundreds of people how to eat well and lose weight. She’s seen many succeed and others fail — the reasons why are always contained in clients’ food journals. Many dieters mistakenly eat food they think is helping them lose weight, but is actually hurting their efforts, explains Gordon, a registered nutritionist and owner of Burlington’s Highway to Health.
Here’s her top 10 list of food that clients mistakenly think help with weight loss:
Frozen dinners — they are cheap, convenient and offer portion control, but are often loaded with sodium and additives, warns Gordon. They also rarely offer enough protein or vegetables to be a full serving, and will leave you hungry and grabbing snacks before long.
Alternative: Gordon recommends taking leftovers for lunch or making some easy freezer meals, like chili or soup, on a weekend and freezing lunch-size portions to pop in your bag.
Too much fruit — fruit is full of nutrients and should be part of your daily diet, but too many people overindulge, says Gordon. “They think it’s a great alternative and overload … it’s high in nutrients, but it’s also high in sugar.”
Alternative: Gordon recommends two to three fruit serving a day. A serving is about ¼ cup or a full apple, orange or pear.
Protein shakes — they are promoted as a nutrient and energy-packed drink, but shakes from caf├ęs and shops are often loaded with food additives, sugar and contain too much protein for weight loss, says Gordon.
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