Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crying Over Spilt Raw Milk

The war on REAL food is REAL!  Meet my local farmer and friend (video posted below). His name is Eddie. I get healthy, raw my milk each week from him. Today he is being forced to dump 700 gallons of wholesome, nutrient dense, pure, raw milk from his grass fed cows that there is NOTHING wrong with. So why did he have to dump it? Because supposedly a "neighbor complained" about how some people were picking up their milk.  Things HAVE to change.  And the only way they will change is for people to stand up to the bullies and demand they leave our food alone!

Watch Eddie being forced to destroy 100's of gallons of raw milk - and his livelihood:


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Beth Klimek said...

I've gotta be missing something here. The way in which his customers were picking up the milk was bothersome to the neighbors? And because of that complaint, he had to dump the perfectly good milk? That makes no sense at all. Where can I read more about this story?

Vicki said...

It may because farmers are not supposed to sell raw milk??? I used to work on a dairy farm and I preferred the raw milk too, but the laws made most farmers stop selling it before the pasteurizing process. In my opinion, if a consumer wants to drink it, it is their choice where to buy it. Not to mention how little the farmers actually get after the middle men get their hands in it.

Mia said...

So many of his customers and friends bombarded our local representatives office with hate mail and phone calls on Monday after seeing the video on Sunday. No one complaint at all. As of now, I am very happy to report that Miller Farms Dairy got their Raw Milk License reinstated! That battle is a win for now!

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