Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gluten Free Chocolate Vanilla Pikelets

A pikelet is a small pancake. Similar to American pancakes in flavor, pikelets are made out of milk or buttermilk, salt, flour, sugar, eggs, and baking powder. In Australia and New Zealand, a favorite way to eat pikelets is to top them with cream, powdered sugar, and strawberries.

1 cup all purpose gluten free flour blend 
1/2 teaspoon guar gum 
1 cup bittersweet dark chocolate chunks 
1 tablespoon Heilala Vanilla Sugar
2 tablespoons gluten free baking powder 
1 large room temperature egg 
2 tablespoons melted salted butter 
1 cup milk

Combine all the dry ingredients including chocolate chunks. Set aside. Whisk all the wet ingredients.Add wet to dry to make a thick batter (you may not need all the liquid).

Heat a lightly greased frying pan over a moderate heat. Once heated, cook tablespoonfuls of mixture in the pan for about 1-11⁄2 minutes. Once bubbles appear on the surface and burst, flip the pikelets over and cook for about the same time on the opposite side until they are lightly browned. Place on a cake rack to cool and cover with a clean tea towel while cooking the remaining mixture.

Serve warm with or without butter or try serving with whipped cream, melted chocolate, and raspberry jam.Any leftovers can be reheated to refreshen before serving.


Anonymous said...

how much cream of tartar?

Mia said...

Cream of tartar is used in the traditional recipe. I prefer baking powder in mine. Sorry for the confusion

Vicky said...

I love this recipe! I've share it on my Gluten Free Afternoon Tea FB page!

Anonymous said...

In New Zealand we also like to sprinkle them with sugar then squeeze fresh lemon juice over them. We also sometimes put banana in the batter as well.

Mia said...

Thanks Vicki! :) Anonymous - I grew up in New Zealand and I agree that those are fantastic alternatives.

Unknown said...

I too just made these. I am including them on my blog with full credit and link back to you. Just wanted to see if that was fine by you? I have not posted it yet. Here is my web site www.sherryscafevita.blogspot.com

Mia said...

Thank you Sherry. I'm flattered.

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