Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Squirrel Feeding study GMO corn vs Organic corn

This was an actual real life experiment conducted on a farm in the fall of 2012 to see if animals really can tell the difference between GMO corn versus organic (non-GMO) corn. This picture is one of the five experiments that was conducted and every single time the squirrel always preferred the organic corn over the GMO corn. The squirrel always ate the organic corn up first then went to go eat on GMO corn last. They also used different varieties of both organic and GMO corn every time just to rule out the possibility that maybe the squirrel was getting to liking one variety over the other but to their complete disbelief he still always preferred to eat on the organic corn more! The results even surprised me.

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Villaver and White said...

The research that we all know.
GMO foods are bad for us and will eventually kill us.
It has become essential that GMO be destroyed.
The crops, the research labs and the companies who drive this kind of research.
Monsanto and Dupont to name a couple.
They gave us GMO but also gave us Agent Orange and DDT..
Says it all doesnt it?

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