Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MSG- Monosodium Glutamate

What is MSG, why is MSG in food of all sorts, and why is it such a big issue with my additive conscious friends?

This food additive explains many ailments in many people. Much legend and myth is being passed around about MSG to make it seem innocent. In fact, it can cause many different reactions, in some people fatal.

There are stimulants, which are approved by the Federal Drug Administration, which always disrupt healthy function of the endocrine system. That is, if you include them in your diet. MSG may be the most pervasive.

At the left is Professor Kikunae Ikeda who isolated MSG from sea weed in Japan in 1908. Since then, the chemical has been mass produced in free form and used by the ton to add to our food. What the professor discovered might have been quite benign, but once big food manufacturers got ahold of it, it has become a virtual poison in stimulant form.

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