Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clean is the New Black! Latest Healthy Food Trends...

"Today's hottest food trends are all about keeping it real. When it comes to what we put in our bodies it seems that clean is the new black! Check out these four trailblazing food trends and one that has at least some health merits."

"Research finds half of consumers deliberately steer clear of preservatives, and over 40 percent shun artificial flavors and colors. Bravo! As a result trendologists have seen a decrease in the average number of ingredients in 56 percent of the food and beverage categories they track. The popular term used to describe this trend is ‘clean.’"

Design Your Own
"We’re not a one-size-fits-all society, so it just makes sense that a slew of customized products would become trendy."

Forgoing the Math
"According to recent research from the Dietary Guidelines Alliance many consumers don’t understand the concept of calories and some think it's merely a nutrition fad. When asked about five behaviors that could be used to improve diets, consumers ranked monitoring calories as the least likely to make a difference."

Cooking at Home
"Last year, more than half (55 percent) of grocery shoppers prepared more meals at home than in 2009, which means the number of people preparing DIY dinners is approaching a 20-year high. That trend is expected to continue..."

Pies, Pies & More Pies! 
"Pies may just be the new cupcake. Especially exotic varieties like strawberry balsamic and apple bacon and in lots of new forms, such as ‘pie pops’ (pies on a stick) and ‘pie shooters’ (pie served in a shot glass). One healthy advantage to pie, unlike many other desserts, is they often incorporate fruit, nuts, or dark chocolate, three of the most nutrient rich ingredients on the planet."

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