Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just say NO! Aspartame

"As aspartame (APM) is included in many snacks, foods and medicines (chewing-gum, breath mints, energy beverages and bars, soda drinks, ice-creams, desserts, pastries, pre-prepared meals and throat-soothers, cough syrups, …) for adults and even children (chewing-gum…), the chemical and its “harmful” effects should be exposed to the public. We should know what we ingest and should be informed of aspartame’s “destructive” side effects. This issue should be addressed by food and drug organizations to curtail this type of universal use by the food industry."

"Furthermore, the sweet taste of the chemical alerts the brain of the presence of sugar. Though not there, the effect makes the brain remember the sweetness and the body begins to yearn for more carbohydrates and sugar, thus leading to weight gain and obesity. Let us go through some of other damaging side effects, resulting from aspartame overload."

"In excess, aspartic acid also provokes hormonal and vision disorders. As a neuro-exciter, it interferes with the central nervous system structure and triggers hyperactivity in children. The chemical as well as other artificial additives (food colorings and flavors) are contraindicated for children and during pregnancies, provoking hyperactive behavior."


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