Sunday, April 24, 2011

The New War On...Raw Milk?

"Many small-farm families and health advocates are among those who drink raw, unpasteurized milk that is produced by the few cows on those small farms."

"Sickness from raw milk is virtually non-existent, yet our government agencies continue to hire more inspectors at taxpayer expense. Recently, the federal Food and Drug Administration has escalated its campaign against raw milk. Farm raids have occurred in other states, where armed federal, state and local police seize products, computers, records and equipment."

"My analysis shows that deaths from food borne illnesses are a very small percentage of overall mortality in the United States. During this period, of the 21.8 million deaths in the U.S., only 165 deaths were attributed to food borne illnesses, 0.00076 percent. What is even more astonishing is that of those 165 deaths attributed to food borne illnesses, only three deaths were attributable to milk, and those deaths all came from pasteurized skim milk, not raw milk."


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