Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artificial Food Dye Dangers

Original Article: 

"The FDA is reconsidering its long-held position that the dyes pose no risk to children or anyone else. Artificial food dyes with names like Yellow 5 have long been targeted by some scientists and consumer advocates concerned that they could cause hyperactivity in children." 

My Opinion:
So if this is still so up in the air, why have all these chemicals been banned from the same types of products in several other developed nations. Anybody reading this should also look up the history of corn syrup in the U.S. There seems to be a pattern of protecting industry over citizens health. I'm confused - is the FDA here set up to protect us? Or the big corporations that are cutting corners for an ever-increasing profit? Is this a win/win? Or win/lose?

What do you think? Do artificial food dyes cause hyperactivity in kids (among other things)?  Should they be banned or come with a warning label?  Or??? Please share your thoughts.

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