Thursday, May 17, 2012

Educate Your Workforce to Make Better Food Choices - May 15th, 2012

We are just days away from the first ever Food Revolution Day with hundreds of local food events and dinner parties taking place in cities, communities and homes around the world as people stand up for real food and better food education on May 19th.
Kicking off the activities on Friday will be schools and companies, two key places where real food is vital and a fuel for success
When we think of food and changing what we eat and the way we eat, we often tend to think of making changes at home or in schools and forget about the workplace -- even though on average we're spending 260 days a year at work and consuming at least one meal there every day.
During work hours we can often feel pressed for time and eating habits suffer. The workplace is actually a great place to start thinking about real food, and really it should be company policy to encourage employees to eat fresh, healthy food at work, whether from the work cafeteria or brought from home. Making better food choices can improve performance in both the short and long term for a more successful workforce. After all, we all work better when we are fuelled up on fresh, wholesome, nutritious foods!
Some companies have already started making wellness a priority. Others are still a long way off. Food Revolution Day is an opportunity for workplaces and employees to think about real food. By getting your company involved and encouraging employees to make simple changes, you'll be part of a global movement and making a commitment to the health and happiness of your workforce.

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