Monday, May 14, 2012

Local Doctor Says Two Food Additives Can Ruin Diet

BOSTON (CBS) – Eat less, exercise more. That’s the conventional wisdom when it comes to losing weight and one Meredith McSorley takes to heart. The 26-year-old is looking to lose another 10 pounds before summer arrives. And her trainer has a simple motto: working out with a good diet. But what if that’s still not enough?

Renowned biochemist, Dr. Barbara Corkey of the Boston University School of Medicine, is trying to get to the bottom of what makes people put on weight. “Indeed people are eating more, that has changed and perhaps exercising less, that has changed. But there are all these 4,000 or more other things that no one is looking at,” says Dr. Corkey. Those 4,000 other things are food additives. Additives to make food last longer, taste better, or look more appealing.

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Lauren Kelly said...

Great article Mia. Consumers definitely need to be more informed about these additives!

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