Friday, July 15, 2011

Locally Grown

It's not every day that chef Bruce Auden dons a pair of cargo shorts and plaid button-down shirt while making his way through a row of blackberry bushes.

But that was the case during May's Texas Department of Agriculture's Chef's Farm Tour that connects area chefs with area family-run farms and what they produce.

“As a chef, it's natural to me to want to know where each item came from,” Auden says.
Cappy's executive chef Gabriel Ibarra, L√ľke River Walk sous chef Stephen Rodriguez and other members of their staffs were also on the tour.

From sunrise to near sundown, the group made its way through refurbished greenhouses. They picked black cherry tomatoes off vines and stepped into movable chicken coops that house broiler chickens and laying hens. They cooled off while watching 300 pounds of meat and spices being made into sausages and watched as dairy cows were milked. Lastly, they went on not one, but two, tractor rides through dusty acres of squash, garlic and row after row of tomato varieties.

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