Monday, August 8, 2011

Genetically Modified Salmon Developer Fights Back - August 05, 2011

JUNEAU, ALASKA (2011-08-05) The company that wants to produce genetically modified salmon is pushing back against its critics. And it’s gathering support from trade groups that claim politics are getting in the way of science. But opponents in Alaska say the arguments won’t change their minds.

Alaska’s fishing industry opposes commercial development of genetically modified salmon. That’s led to Congressional action to stop regulatory review, which could block production and sales.

Now, the developer is fighting back. 

After turning down numerous interview requests, AquaBounty Technologies, which wants to market the fish, is speaking up. 
It’s increased its conversations with the news media. And it’s being joined by the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the Animal Agriculture Coalition, which includes fish, cattle and poultry producers. 

Ronald Stotish is president of Massachusetts-based AquaBounty.

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