Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marketing Sustainability: A Consumer-Centric Approach

Eighty-nine percent of consumers in the United States are participating in the world of sustainability, according to new research from The Hartman Group.
Tamara Barnett presented the group's new findings during the Truitt Bros. Northwest Discovery Tour session, Marketing Sustainability.
Of those 89 percent, 13 percent are core consumers to the practice of sustainability. This year, that core group – referred to as the sustainability leaders and trendsetters – are more concerned than in the past about local and community issues.
In consumers' minds, not only is how they practice sustainability changing, but so is the definition.
"There are a lot of different definitions floating around and the definition from a consumer perspective is evolving. Literal definitions are losing their prominence as people are becoming more familiar with the term," Barnett said. "What has risen is responsible farming methods as a more meaningful way to describe what sustainability is."
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