Thursday, September 15, 2011

Egg Farm Regulations Still Skimpy - August 29th, 2011

One year after 1,900 people were sickened and a half-billion Iowa eggs were recalled, government inspectors continue to find unsanitary conditions and inadequate protections against salmonella on Iowa's egg farms.

None of the violations has resulted in penalties from state or federal agencies, and Iowa's egg producers still aren't required to tell state officials when they find salmonella.
Records obtained by The Des Moines Register under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that some of Iowa's major egg producers aren't meeting minimum federal standards intended to protect consumers from salmonella enteritidis — a potentially fatal bacterial infection that triggered a nationwide egg recall last August.
Critical elements in the Food and Drug Administration's reports — such as the size of rodent infestations, the brand names under which the eggs are sold and even the names of diseases documented at the egg farms — are blacked out and withheld from the public.
Iowa has been the No. 1 egg-producing state in the nation for the past 10 years.

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Anonymous said...

and people wonder why I have chickens and buy organic meat from a local farm (which I visit to make sure all is OK) Thank you for this information Mia!

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