Friday, March 30, 2012

Chemical Additives Linked to Skyrocketing Obesity/Diabetes Rates

A CHEM Trust (Chemicals, Health and Environment Monitoring Trust) report released today highlights the dangers of our exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals in food and consumer products because of their links to obesity and diabetes.

Studies published in recent years provide compelling evidence that human chemical contamination can play a part in both conditions.

The report concludes that the cocktail of chemicals that we accumulate throughout life, via our everyday lifestyles, is likely to contribute to these modern epidemics, both of which are major financial drains on the National Health Service (NHS) and the economy.

The report, commissioned by CHEM Trust, entitled; Review of the Science Linking Chemical Exposures to the Human Risk of Obesity and Diabetes, is written by two of the world’s leading experts; Professor Miquel Porta and Professor Duk-Hee Lee. They reviewed over 240 research papers to reach their conclusions.

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