Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just How Unhealthy is Our Daily Bread?

www.mirror.co.uk - March 22nd, 2012

12 million loaves are sold in the UK every day but many contain barely any nutrients. Here's how to use your loaf when buying bread
“Most of us mindlessly pick up a loaf of bread once or twice a week without really knowing what’s in it. We just assume it’s healthy,” says nutritionist Vicki Edgson.
Almost every household in the UK regularly buys bread, but are you using your loaf when it comes to this popular product?
But just as breakfast cereal has come under fire recently (the consumer watchdog Which? discovered some have more sugar than biscuits), bread is also a food most of us believe is fairly healthy when in fact it can be anything but.

“A large proportion of the bread we buy is bleached, blanched and nutrient stripped,” says Vicki. “It’s made from processed wheat and as well as containing salt and preservatives, some loaves also contain sugar.”

So why is this a problem? As well as the health implications of eating too much salt and sugar (especially the ‘hidden’ kind found in products like bread, pasta, ready meals and cooking sauces), experts also argue that the extra additives are causing bloating and other digestive problems.

Nearly three quarters of the bread we now eat has been made with extra yeast – this enables it to be baked more quickly and prolong its shelf life.

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Sunday at the Giacometti's said...

Very interesting article Mia. I have known this for a whle having placed my son on a Gluten free/ yeast free diet for almost two years at the age of 4 till almost 6. Most people do not realize
that the yeast in homemade bread is far less then the garbage in the store. Yeast in commerical products, like bread can be mind altering. can surpress your appetite, and cause bloat. Why do we eat so much of it. I say, lets have a "bread week on online" and post some healthy alternatives to this commercial garbage. Never mind the bread machine, that is another issue with me as it almost always requires special ingredients for the machine. Your hands are your best tools. I think you would agree Mia~ Thanks.
Oh and wait till you hear how i feel about giving kids Milk~hahha. that is another story. Good Morning!

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