Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are Organic Foods Worth the Cost? Whole Foods CEO

Consumers are buying more organic food than ever before, spending the extra dollars to eat healthy. According to The Organic Trade Association, sales of organic food totaled $29.3 billion in 2011. But a recent report from Stanford University found that organic food may not be worth the extra cost.
The Stanford scientists studied 40 years worth of research comparing organic and conventional foods and found that organic fruits and vegetables on average were not more nutritious.
The researchers did find, however, that organic foods reduced consumers' exposure to pesticides and antibiotics. Organic foods are grown without pesticides and organic poultry and beef are not fed antibiotics.
Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods (which sells lots of organic food), disagrees with the Stanford study, and not just because of his job. He tells The Daily Ticker, "I've been an organic gardener all my life…and I can see..the vitality of the food from my own experience of raising vegetables."


Beth said...

Thanks for posting this video! Great points made by Whole Foods. I think the media and the masses continue to miss a critical element of the organic movement. They perceive it as a short-lived fad and while it may be that for some, it is a lifestyle choice for most that they don't ever plan to reverse. Ex. once you eliminate HFCS from your diet on purpose, you're not going to wake up one day and decide to eat it again. Same with pesticides. GMOs, etc. Put another way, when people elliminate the garbage from their diet and awaken to the fact that what they had been calling "food" was loaded with crap...they don't go back to oblivion about this. So I agree with Robb - it's only going to grow and continue to grow versus fluctuate. Better for people and the planet!

Anonymous said...

Here here Beth! Great comment. Hopefully some day there will be a revolution and "organic" will no longer just be an alternative, but the norm - no longer even needing the "title". It should be the other way around - where anything that is not organic is labeled, so if there is no label - you know it's safe!

Mia said...

Bravo Beth! Anonymous - there's a big movement happening towards this, sadly mainstream media does not cover it.. people are waking up!! It's coming!

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