Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clean Eating Meets Food Where It Grows - July 24th, 2012

The "clean food" movement is a recent one, spurred on by food magazines like the new Clean Eating and powerful media proponents like Dr. Oz. But its roots are in something as old as the American soil that nurtures and grows whole fruits and vegetables and the grasslands where livestock roamed.

The term generally refers to the eating of food as close to its natural state and point of origin as possible, and the movement is a reaction against the health problems caused by our growing fast food-oriented diet.

It's also a rebellion against some of Big Agriculture's controversial practices regarding beef, poultry and genetically modified crops. While eating fresh is preferred, canning and home-preserving are generally welcomed, too.

"I want people to eat whole, minimally processed food because it's nutritionally dense, affordable and good for the environment," said Lauren Niemes, executive director of Nutritional Council of Greater Cincinnati.

That includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, but also applies to other choices. "If you eat food in the form closest to nature, that means buying a turkey breast or a whole chicken and cooking it yourself, as opposed to buying (prepared) chicken nuggets. The challenge means you have to cook, which many people will have to learn. That's a good thing."

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