Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grass-Fed Beef Market Is About To Explode!

The market for natural and organic beef products, currently at $350 million annually, could grow to over $1 billion within the next five years, attendees at a recent grass-fed beef conference were told.
The conference, at Texas A&M University, was sponsored by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Attendees learned about several topical areas, including fundamentals of growing forages, nutrient needs of cattle, beef processing, economic sustainability, and production and marketing.
The growth-potential numbers were provided by Bob Meeks, a South Texas producer who was part of a panel of speakers who discussed their own experiences in the grass-fed beef business.
“This is a niche market and there are a growing number of consumers who want access to locally grown meat,” Meeks said. “Consumers will pay 30% more for natural meats and 15-200% more for organic meats."
 “Whether you call it grass-fed or organic, it’s one of the most interesting aspects of the cattle business right now,” said David Anderson, an AgriLife Extension livestock economist.
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