Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Plastic Please!

According to recent research, even at room temperature, saran wraps leach plasticizers into food containing fat. The research found that at 25 degrees Celsius, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) wraps leak 1.98 milligrams of DEHP per kilogram of greasy food wrapped, while PE (polyethylene) wraps leak 0.05 milligrams.

Most plastic food wraps and containers are made with PE or PVC plastics. PE is more eco-friendly than PVC, and is not known to leach carcinogenic chemicals. It is mainly used in plastic packaging and as food containers. PE products can be identified by the “PE” triangular recycling mark on product packaging.

PVC is adored for its convenience: with the addition of plasticizers, PVC plastic softens and could be easily shaped. However, it is the most hazardous plastic as it is greatly stabilized by the additives and cannot be degenerated at all.

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