Friday, January 13, 2012

Vegetable Sushi Rolls

4 nori sheets
1 cup cherry tomatoes
1 avocado
1 cucumber
1 small white onion
2 scallion
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Sea salt and black pepper
Wasabi Paste
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Pickle Ginger

Remove skin and pit of the avocado. Cut avocado, scallion, onion, and cucumber into thin strips. Cut tomatoes into small pieces.  

Place sushi mat on a flat surface. Place Nori sheet on top and arrange vegetables horizontally 2 inches from the edge closest to you. Season with sea salt and black pepper. Roll away from you to form a tight round tube.

Slice off the ends with a very sharp knife and slice each roll into 8 equal pieces.

Serve with low sodium soy sauce, pickle ginger, and wasabi.


The Culinary Lens said...

Some time ago there was a cool article in the NY Times about vegetarian sushi. I love your rendition.
This is something I want to experiment with

Mia said...

I'm venturing outside my comfort zone this year by experimenting with different types of food. Thank you Mike

Unknown said...

A healthy twist on sushi! I love it, Mia. You're awesome in the kitchen!

Mia said...

Thank you Amee

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