Monday, January 16, 2012

Vivid Vitality

Primary Benefits*:
a good dose of potassium, copper, magnesium, and manganese, among other valuable vitamins and minerals; aids in cleansing kidneys, reducing blood pressure, alleviating hypertension, general heart and brain health, plus hormonal and blood sugar stabilization, as well as eye function and cancer prevention.
*based on information gathered at

This recipe is one of many that I will be sharing in my upcoming book, "Rustic Modern Cuisine". To pre-order your copy, please click here. Available for a limited time only!


Unknown said...

Hi Mia, I'm very interested into buying a juicer after hearing about all the benefits that juicing your own fruit & veg can bring. Do you recommend any particular brands. I know some may not be available in the UK, but on the whole most well known juicers hopefully should be. Thanks so much hun xxx Dor

Mia said...

Hi Dor - Actually, after doing research on the web, by foot, and asking people, I felt the juicer with the greatest value (most bang for the buck + reliability) was the very juicer I posted in the upper right hand corner of this blog. You can actually click right on it and buy it through Amazon. They seem to be offering it at a good price. In fact, their seemingly ongoing price is the same price I bought mine for locally - on sale. I hope you have as much luck with it as I have! xxx Mia

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Mia,that's great to know. I'll look into it xxx Dor

Vickie said...

I use a Blendtec total blender got it from Costco on sale. And it is amazing!! nothing left behind your getting everything and with a push of the smoothie button it does all the work. I have used Kale spinach pineapple berries apples seeds and all . It does everything. Can't wait to try this recipe sounds so refreshing with the ginger!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Mia said...

I have not used Blendtec and it sounds really good. Thanks for sharing!

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