Sunday, May 1, 2011

Food Labels...Don't be Misled!

"When labels claim "Natural" or "All-Natural" These terms have no standard definition except when appled to meat and poultry. (So your favorite "all-natural" cookies or crackers for example, can really be the same processed chemically-altered products as their non-natural counterparts...not a stitch more nutritious.)"

"Free Range chicken conjures up images of happy chickens frolicking around the ranch, soaking up the sun, doesn't it? It sounds like "free range" chickens should be healthier and more nutritious than those chickens trapped in a cramped pen all day, doesn't it? Unfortunately that's not the case."

"In truth the only thing "free range" (or "free roaming") means is that the animal is allowed access to the outside for an undetermined amount of time every day. That is, there must be a door, and it must be opened for some period during the day."

"When labels claim "Made or Raised without Antibiotics," "No Antibiotics," or "Raised Without Hormones" These statements are clear and mean exactly what they say, but are not regulated or verified by any agency. You have to hope that your supermarket is enforcing the claim."

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